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A fellowship of unjustly "tombstoned" DemocraticUnderground members. We use this space to talk about our feelings in reaction to the experience of first joining in the wonderful DU community and then expelled with no warning, no reason given and no response to our pleas for reinstatement. We feel this constitutes Anti-Democracy by DU Admin.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

My response to DU banning me because of the New York Times, Fox News, and Kooky Tsunami Conspiracy Theories

My Response to Democratic Underground for banning me
because of my and others research into the HARRP
project offended the NY Times and Fox and the majority
of DU members.

I think Skinner the owner of Democratic Underground
banning me as a member with no notice of warning or
notice or reason was unreasonable.

I also think his thread explaining the threads that we
had started with the implication that anyone that
would say that the Asia earthquake may be natural or
man made is obviously to kooky for a majority of DU
members to tolerate so therefore we have to ban any
discussions of kooky conspiracy theories, and if
anyone sees any of those topics in a thread hit the
alert buttons for the Mods.

But if they were so kooky and so defamed DU as he
argued then...Why not just repost the
kooky theories in his thread to prove they are kooky?


Skinner's DU Thread About the New York Times, Fox News, and Kooky Tsunami Conspiracy Theories

[Ed. note by JamBoi: Satori's HAARP investigation report can be found at txfwing.blogspot.com]



[JamBoi ed. note: Satori has a blog at Satori-Society.blogspot.com where URLs to his green enterpreneurial ventures can be found also.]


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