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Friday, December 17, 2004

JamBoi: Don't wanna be a "disrupter" ! No Way, no How!

This article was originally posted at jamboi.mydd.com on Fri Dec 17th, 2004

JamBoi: Don't wanna be a "disrupter" ! No Way, no How!
by JamBoi

JamBoi-in-Exile, Day1

Originally from a letter to Antifascist, but edited to make more sense (hopefully) :-) :

I read the response from Skinner in the DU Admin Forum and reading between all the lines it seems like he thinks I was advocating people leaving the Democratic party. This is not the case, though maybe my choice of words here and there should have been more careful. I wrote and promoted a thread that advocated e-mailing the DNC to stand up and fight for our values re: election fraud. I think its laughable that the DNC sends out a $$ raising letter entitled "We're fighting for your values" when they are sitting on the sidelines on the election fraud issue. In that thread I explicitly said I do not want to hurt the DNC or anyone else, just let them know what our values are. Perhaps unfortunately I used the word "crush" to mean send large volumes of e-mail to let them know what our values truly are. I can see now how the word "crush" could be ministerpreted and was not a good choice of words. I would take that back and re-frame my point if I had the chance.

I think it was in that same thread that I pointed out that while I'm a Green I love John Kerry and also that if the Democratic party would simply stand up and fight for people (starting with fighting for the investigation of election fraud) I was persuadable and could be won over to reregistering as a Democrat. I used to be a Democrat and even participated in caucus meetings. I frequently vote for Democrats. The rules on DU specifically say you don't need to be a Democrat to participate, though so I don't think that the fact tha for now I'm registered as a Green should be a problem.

Moreover, obviously I make no bones about the fact I'm a Green and am supportive of my fellow Greens and similarly minded progressives. But I have certainly not gone on any kind of crusade to win over folks to the Green party, nor would I ever presume to on a non-Green medium. The reason I prominently display the fact that I'm a Green is because I think that is only honest, and I would prefer dealing with people that similarly put their cards on the table in this way so I can know where they are coming from.

I have been extremely circumspect and posting very little about the fact that Greens are leading the way in this election fraud issue and that many progressives are likely to shift to the Green party due to the fact the Greens are out front and doing the yoeman's work while the Democratic Party is holding its cards very close to its chest. I think its blatantly obvious to everyone, so I don't choose to make much of a point of it at DU. I'm not in favor of this group vs that groupism. I think as the greetings to DU say that we are all progressives and we don't help anything by picking on one another.

On my signature I have a Green logo, to self identify, but if you actually look at it and hit the link you'll see that I link to what I termed "Recount Central". http://www.votecobb.org. Why? Because if you go and look there you'll find that it is exactly that-- better than most any other site it has the latest on the recount. I think it should be evident to everyone that the election fraud/recount/audit the vote is my #1 issue. Notice that I changed my avatar from a recycling symbol to the http://RedHandsMovement.com symbol. Why? For the same reason. Election fraud is a non-partisan issue in my book, and I am simply trying to put out there that is my #1 issue and that I hope others will care about whether we have free and fair elections in the US also.

Is any of this "disruptive" activity? Gee you know, I really, really, really didn't intend it to be. I totally appreciate DU and would never want to harm it. Although I would hope that as liberal-minded people we can allow others to have different points of view without feeling the need to snuff out their voices, if I've gone too far in how I've expressed myself I'll be absolutely happy to alter my behavior to conform to the community standards at DU. Progression of society through democratic ideals is my primary goal and I believe in putting aside things that hold us back, so if my behavior is holding progress back I want to change my behavior.

So I've pretty much gotten down on my knees in public and private e-mails and begged to Skinner that I be shown where I can alter my behavior to fit within his community guidelines and be allowed to be a part of the community again. The last thing I want to do is be a "disrupter" at DU. I hope that he will give me a second chance to set things right and again be a happy DU member.

Thanks Anti-fascist,



Anonymous said...

(This comment originaly posted on http://jamboi.mydd.com)

Personally, I think the Dems could use a good "kick in the arse," so to speak. That is why I went a bit overboard myself, on DU, in calling for people to register as Independents to make a statement until something tangible comes out of the election fraud efforts. We know that temporary boycotts are highly effective in getting corporations to act a certain way, why can't they be just as effective for political parties?

Skinner makes it sound as if the Democratic Party is in a very fragile state and that any attempt to split the party can only be bad. I also notice that DU is slowly trying to shift its internet community to the Right. The editorials by Auntie "Pinko" are subtly trying to persuade us to get over the election fraud and move on.

I feel that there is much more going on here than we can see on the surface and it strikes much deeper into the heart of the Party. The silence on PNAC speaks volumes in and of itself.

I look forward to using these blogs as a vehicle to make statements that may be considered too "disruptive" on DU.
by AntiFascist on Fri Dec 17th, 2004 at 05:13:53 PM PST

1:54 PM  
Anonymous said...

(This comment was originally posted at jamboi.mydd.comYou do not know me but...

My name is Pipes, I was member of DU until earlier today. I was following the "jamboi" story carefully throughout the day, and I asked skinner a question about what happened and after a few back and forth replies, nothing major...I was tomb stoned.
For no stanking reason. I had like 80 some posts but was an avid reader and they fuckin banned me- like BLAMMO- there you go. There will be nothing remotely close to discension on this website-I am skinner, I have spoken...

I mean if we are turning into the BFEE by way of how we treat each other, HOW IN THE FUCK CAN WE BEAT THEM?

Anyway my two cents...sorry that you were exiled. I guess they don't really care to reapir the system.

Funny thing is that I am just a lil guy in the grand scheme and I wanted to know what the hell happened to you because you always seemed to be constructive. But I see that the DU isn't as cool as I thought. I will be looking for a new home now!

by pipes on Fri Dec 17th, 2004 at 05:47:45 PM PST
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Re: You do not know me but... (none / 0)

Doh! Really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately Not_Without_A_Fight and geo were also turfed today under similar circumstances. I don't think suppression is the way to go. I and probably a lot of people would be happy to alter our behavior if there is a problem. But I'd need to actually be told what I'm doing wrong, and I haven't heard anything back from Skinner yet. Still hoping.

by JamBoi on Fri Dec 17th, 2004 at 08:29:04 PM PST

1:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

(This comment was originally posted at jamboi.mydd.com I thought that was it. (none / 0)

Hi JamBoi. When I heard you had been excommunicated, I wondered what it was and I thought that might have been it. I think that was a misunderstanding. I have never seen you as being in any way disruptive. I have been a Dem since birth, yet I too was infuriated when I received that email from the DNC, and I was moved to write them on my own a scathing letter, saying I thought that they might belong in jail too, since they had not been representing the people in having their vote counted.
You borrowed the word "crush" as in a mailbox from another posting about Conyer's mailbox. It seemed quite innocuous to me, and by God, they had better hear from us or there won't be a party.
Anyway being an exile can have its good points. It is kind of quiet around DU with you not posting 20,000 times a day.
by Ojai Person on Fri Dec 17th, 2004 at 09:22:41 PM PST
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Re: I thought that was it. (none / 0)

Yo Ojai, Good to here from you. Stragely several others were Xed appearently just because they spoke up in favor of me. pipes, geo and Not_Without_A_Fight so far. Summararily executed with no word as to why. Just bumped off. Weird. I don't see that as a liberal attitude.


by JamBoi on Fri Dec 17th, 2004 at 09:47:12 PM PST

1:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

(This comment was originally posted at jamboi.mydd.com This is pipes...I need to clarify... (none / 0)

I never spoke either way in the tomb stone. I was canned for asking what in the hell happenend. Never a complaint or flame or nothing. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING.

I was curious about what in the hell was going on. I asked what about Madsen and then I was canned. There is more to this I believe.

Hey DU Admin...if you can give Jamboi an explanation than what about me. Look it up, pipes is my name and disrupting wasn't my game. I guess things must not be as they seem!

by pipes on Sat Dec 18th, 2004 at 09:20:05 AM PST
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Re: This is pipes...I need to clarify... (none / 0)

I didn't get an explanation yet either Pipes, so join the club. Please e-mail me at my posted e-mail address under my profile.


by JamBoi on Sat Dec 18th, 2004 at 03:33:48 PM PST

2:01 PM  
Anonymous said...

(This comment was originally posted at jamboi.mydd.com)

a little more (none / 0)

Several us who were - if anything - in the "anti-jamboi" camp were also summarily tossed over the weekend.

I broke no rules, started no flame wars - quite the opposite - was never even impolite to anyone and while I was skeptical of many of the things that jamboi posted and that Bev supporters posted, both SomethinsGotaGive and I tried to take a middle course and dampen down the flame wars.

My Democratic party creds are impeccable, and I received dozens of pm's and emails of support and thanks from other members over the last couple of months for my contributions to DU.

It came as a complete shock to be banned and I have no idea why I was.
by mberst on Thu Dec 23rd, 2004 at 02:31:13 PM PST

2:03 PM  

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